Executive, Leadership & Life Coaching

Annie offers a variety of services to individuals and organizations and will work with you to provide customized coaching solutions.


Who Can Benefit?

Annie works with individuals who want to impact the world through their work and lives. Her distinctive experience allows her to specifically connect and catalyze meaningful transformations among marketing professionals, women, aspiring and new leaders.

Marketing team meeting

Marketing Professionals

Whether a CMO, a marketing leader or consultant; marketing professionals will benefit from Annie's extensive experience in the field combined with rigorous academic research on human dynamics impacting this particular industry.

Aspiring & New Leaders

Women Voting

Aspiring/New Leaders

The skills that got functionally-strong individuals to master their art won't serve them as leading catalysts of people. High-potentials and Executives on-boarding into a leadership role will benefit from Annie's experienced coaching having been on both sides of the spectrum.





Breaking the glass ceiling by overcoming bias and internal barriers is an advantage regardless of gender identity. Women can specifically benefit from Annie's coaching to rise above limiting beliefs, increase self-awareness, manage challenging situations while growing visibility and influence.

Types of Coaching

Common client areas of focus include topics related to transitions into new roles, relocations and managing work and other priorities within their lives.

Leadership Development

Lead effective teams for maximum collaboration and results with effective tools and skill building.

Develop skills needed for the next promotional role and bridge gaps in core competency areas.


Organize, streamline and take value-based decisions to focus on priorities while enjoying the journey.

Work/Life Balance

Support expatriates before, during and after deployment for a successful cross-cultural experience.


Plan for smoother career transitions related to life choices and unexpected situations.

Reintegration to Work Force