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Passionate about catalyzing people and business transformation through coaching

Annie is a passionate, creative and methodical Executive Coach. She holds a certification from Columbia Business School’s Coaching Certification program (highest level of completion) and holds a Master's Degree in Business Engineering from the Solvay Brussels School with a thesis focused on Executive Coaching (Magna Cum Laude). Annie coaches fluently in English and French and brings to coaching more than a decade of experience in Marketing Consulting to create a unique perspective to her approach.


Annie started her career at PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP performing Global Information analysis and advisory. She continued consulting at Young & Rubicam Brands where she worked her way up to VP, Account Director. During her tenure at PwC and more recently at Clear Strategy, Annie has sharpened her leadership skills by leading, training and mentoring teams of consultants to distill insights into strategy for Fortune 500 companies. This has set Annie to be in a unique position to help leaders set goals, create priorities and hold them accountable to make them happen as she has herself gone through performance development, relocation, career transition and continuing education while becoming a mother of two.

She has successfully coached executives in their transitions and relocations and empowered them to gain the leadership skills they sought to get the promotion they desired. Annie's style is direct; she loves working with people committed to making a transformation and willing to invest in themselves to grow and stretch. Annie guides her clients through a journey that elicits their best thinking thus finding their own answers.

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Annie thinks that her clients’ clarity and focus on what brings them to coaching is essential for a successful outcome. She inherently believes that people are best poised to find the right answers to their questions. While the environment and situations are always specific, Annie encourages her clients to work and act on what they can control: themselves and their actions. Behaviors in business settings tend to reflect the ones carried in other spheres of life. Therefore, it is a matter of coaching the ‘whole person’ and adopting a holistic approach, in addition to addressing the topic at hand.

Annie also believes that the greatest outcomes happen when the client understands why coaching is the right tool for them and undertakes the necessary “heavy lifting”. Annie’s role is to guarantee the efficacy of the process, and work alongside her clients so they can reach their desired outcome sooner.


Annie’s approach is unique because she views herself as connector. Beyond leveraging professional experience, Annie’s process combines the benefits of valid research (including on adult learning, neuroscience for change and organizational behavior) and learning drawn from years of mastery of various artistic and athletic disciplines. She utilizes exercises and tools from those to add interactive role play techniques and bring creativity and fun to the coaching sessions, as well as to the work that occurs outside of the sessions.

By asking her clients targeted questions, uncovering truths through proactive self-exploration and discovery, Annie taps into clients’ existing strengths, resources and creativity. She also challenges clients to utilize other parts of their brain to create new pathways to design innovative solutions and approaches. This allows to overcome limiting beliefs, unleash potential, build skills and achieve greater leaps than they ever thought possible.

As a result, Annie connects clients to their truth, their peers and their organizations, while improving their effectiveness and results.

Education & Certifications

Master's Degree in Business Engineering (Finance Major),

Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management

(Magna Cum Laude)

Executive Coaching Certification program, Columbia University

(highest level of completion)

Research Papers & Thesis

The Coach Credibility, Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management


Coaching to reduce the CMO turnover: How Coaching can improve the most volatile job in the C-suite,

Columbia University


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